The Ultimate Benefits of Yoga on Our Health

Everyone among us wants to be fit and healthy, but this has become next to impossible with the kind of lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves. People look for various artificial methods to have a fit and healthy life, but all that goes as a waste. And this is where, yoga steps in. Yoga not only strengths your body but also help you feel the tranquil of your body and soul. Yoga is not only a kind of physical exercise that helps in building muscle strength but also helps to maintain the discipline of mind and body.

Yoga was originated in India and is spread all across the world. Yoga is specifically practised to attain spiritual and mental enlightenment.

There are umpteen mental and physical benefits of practising yoga at regular basis. The word “Yoga” is a synonym to the union of mind, soul and body. This is considered as the most effective way of exercising and staying fit and healthy. Some of the common benefits of the yoga on your health are:

- Yoga helps in reducing stress:

Yoga is the best way to distress yourself. Even the first timers also feel relaxed after their first session of yoga. The regular practise has been proven to reduce stress levels and help your mind focus on the present instead of past or future. Yoga also helps in fighting depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

- Greater Flexibility:

The yoga asanas and the poses are more or less like a stretching exercise that tends to increase the flexibility of your body. These poses help your body to release the lactic acid that builds up with muscles and causes stiffness and fatigue. The release of this acid ensures the complete relaxation of the mind and body. This further decreases the chances of joint pain or muscle injury.

- Yoga helps to quit smoke habits:

People try lot of options to quit smoking but rarely succeed. But making a habit of practicing yoga regularly can help you quit smoking. By practicing certain poses of yoga, you will definitely throw your cigarette forever. Yoga helps you to breathe in a prescribed manner that helps you fight panic attacks that you might face due to some reactions to low nicotine levels. These poses will help you take deep breaths that fill your lungs with oxygen thereby creating the effective chances of quitting smoke.

- Improved range of motion:

As you become more toned and flexible with the regular practice of the various yoga poses, you will feel an increased range of motion in your body. This range of motion ensures no soaring hips and creaking knees.

The benefits of yoga are not limited to our body and the ability to stay healthy. Regular practice of yoga helps us connect to what we call Dharma which is our purpose of life in Yoga dictionary. With the yoga we not only achieve impeccable health but also get the courage to follow our purpose of life.

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